Qaulity Nets for the Mining Industry

Nationwide Netmakers has provided custom-made nets to the mining industry for many years. We understand that nets are required for different purposes, different spaces, and different strengths. Nationwide Netmakers works with you to ensure the design fulfils all your needs. We’re able to custom design your net and install it to the high quality our name is associated with.

We carry a range of different netting solutions. Across Australia in mine sites, roadsides, zoos, airports and much more, our quality nets are protecting the environment and fauna, increasing safety everywhere. From pond safety exit nets and possum bridges, to sports facilities, NationwideNetmakers has your industry covered.

Industry Challenges

NationwideNetmakers designed bird netting originally for Newmont Mines. Its development was to stand up to the harsh weathering conditions of Australia, for places including the Tanami Desert, in the Northern Territory. Today it is recognised among government organisations, mining and civil engineering groups as the premium bird netting in Australia.

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