Australian Designed Pond Nets

Nationwide Netmakers originally designed Pond exit nets and ladders to create a safe escape from wet and dry PVC lined dams and ponds. The ladder is suitable for toxic and non-toxic dams and ponds. Talk to our team today about how our exit nets can help you.

Nationwide Netmakers’ Pond Exit Nets and Pond Safety Ladders are designed and manufactured in Australia. They are specifically made to support the weight of the person or animal it has been designed to save. We supply pond netting to mine companies and mine sites across Australia.

Other Pool Products

Nationwide Netmakers can provide more products for your pond and dam. Our range includes life rings, floats, anchors and other aspects of marine safety. We developed these person and fauna pond exit nets to allow a safe escape for person and also surrounding wildlife. Contact us for the design and a quote.

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